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This is what clients are saying about our services:

"I was hesitant at first about getting laser treatment for some age spots and broken capillaries on my face. However, I saw a TV show that explained the technique and showed the results. So I reluctantly gave it a try. All I can say is that I am astonished at the results. I know that I have to complete all the treatments to get the best results but so far it has exceeded my expectations. After just one simple hour procedure I already see a major difference in  those annoying little skin problems that occur with aging. I am an actor and this has thankfully eliminated my need to cover these problem areas with makeup for on camera auditions. Thank you to everyone at Madison Skin & Laser Center, the results are truly wonderful."

"After years of watching my sun spots getting darker and darker, it was thrilling to have them taken care of in a few short laser sessions. I know this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship..."
- Samantha Cooper

"I never thought I would go for Botox treatments; but my two girls had started to point out the frown lines between my eyes and kept saying 'Mom, stop making that face!' After speaking with Dr. Silvers and understanding what was involved, I decided to try it. Not only was it pain free and fast, the results after only one treatment were nothing short of thrilling! Perhaps the most exciting part is that my face appears softer and more natural, and people keep commenting on how beautiful my skin is and how young I look! And my two girls have now started saying, "Wow mom, you look so pretty!" And I didn't tell them I had it done. Dr. Silvers is a master at what she does; it's you, younger!" 
- R.B.H.

"I'm 68 years old and the results of my laser treatments are amazing. My skin is soft, smooth, free of wrinkles and blemishes. I get compliments all the time - everyone tells me how great I look. The before and after is unbelievable!"
- Roy Luster 

"When you are finished wasting your money on the 'best anti-wrinkle creams' that do not work - go to Madison Skin and Laser Center. My age spots are fading, my lines are softer and my skin is 10 years younger and no down time was required. Thank you Anita and MS&LC for such a wonderful experience and amazing results!!!"
- Karen Eisenbrey

First set of before and after photos on the right side bar: Photos taken before and after Intense Pulsed Light and Pixel treatment for brown spots and wrinkles.

Second set of before and after photos: Before and after Botox injection.

Third set of before and after photos: Before and after facial filler treatment.

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